Twenty-two years ago Mr. Martin Castro González From a village in Orotina (conception) and his wife Sara Silva Miranda from Rio Piedras de Tilarán, and their children Edgardo and Everardo, arrived at the village of Katira de Guatuso, from Venado de San Carlos where I work in a dairy for a year and a half; they realized a property in Katira since in that town there were friendships of Dona Sara’s parents; whose area measures 13 hectares. The former owner was Mr. José Ángel Espinoza, better known in the town of Guatuso as “chepito”. Don Chepito decided to sell the property because he was alone and older to see the property. The value of the property at that time cost them five hundred thousand colones, Mr. Don Martin and Dona Sara only had three hundred thousand colones for which he asked for a year to pay the rest of the money, they reached an agreement on this procedure.


The property at that time was pure mountain, for that then it was a negative factor to survive since they could not cultivate any basic grain; Mr. Martin decides to tear down the mountain. Immediately after the property was ready to plant he decided to work in agriculture for several years (tubers), therefore he did very badly with his crops, which makes the decision to work with livestock, in this area was for several years first with calves later, bulls and last was the dairy. In 2008 the pineapple crop arrives in the area, the family decides to eliminate the dairy and to associate with some neighbors and they resolve to plant organic pineapple, over time it was seen that the trade was not very good since there was a lot of production also some companies that they were owed money, marketing fell in the area then don Martin and his partners could not continue selling the pineapple to the international market they had to look for the national trade so it was for an approximate of two years. Since the family had livestock, They saw the future, that their property could be a tourist attraction since one of its limitations is the Rio Celeste.

When the family came to this property in the nineties, they did not have the vision that their property had a tourist attraction. The residents of the community of Katira de Guatuso saw that the estate of the Castro Silva family had a large extension of the River Celeste, they began to visit very frequently every weekend; as a result of these visits the idea of ​​improving the farm to give a better service to visitors arose. They started with a camping area and green areas where they started with a loan of three hundred thousand colones with Caja de ANDE, for the construction of two small ranches and a sanitary service and a bathroom, and also the development of the path Añoranza (this name is given to you, Dona Sara, which is for all anecdotes lived in the past) which was a success since, not only the neighbors visited, but also people from other towns; as time passed, the family observed improvements in the facilities. Which decide to apply for another loan and cancel part of the previous one was seven hundred thousand colones, there is also a help from PROMES, and since this is built a large ranch and a sanitary battery this account with the rules of law 7600. The company it was growing and the people who visited them required better conditions so the family thought of requesting another loan, this was three million, with this money part of the previous loan was canceled; and from there the cabins were built, these are totally rustic with wood finishes, they are located on the edge of the mountain, this makes the visitors to graze a quiet night in harmony with nature. Having already the camping area , the path and the cabins saw the need to give a better service to the visitors, mainly those who are staying in the facilities, the idea of ​​building a Restaurant arises again; that for that the family returns to think about a new credit with greater value and one thinks about working with the Bank of Costa Rica, twelve million were requested; Likewise, part of the previous account is canceled and an installation is started where the dwelling house, an office and the Restaurant are located. Today is one of the family businesses that serve rural tourism, one of the main attractions of Villa Celeste making the traveler feel like family. It also informs the tourist about the Tenorio Volcano National Park; where is located one of the most important attractions of the country that is the Teñideros (place where the river takes the celestial coloration) and the beautiful waterfall of Rio Celeste.




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